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Kayla Alexandria Ward  was born September 16 2003 to the proud parents David & Carol

She weighed 7lbs 13oz and doing well


          Just a few hours later                 You know, Nicole's singing so I'm trying too


  Are you sure you want to wake me ?        This is better, I can see you all now


                         Hi there                               If Nicole's having a nap, so will I


               Yes, I'm here in Canada                    Hi - I want to play


       Do you see my 2 teeth?                            What a difference a year makes


         Nicole & Kayla - July 2006                      Look at our new bicycles - July 2008


         Well, year 2009 and Kayla is five (5) & three quarters - Nicole seven (7) & 1/4



    Flower Girls at Jen & Ailene's Wedding 21/7/12                           Kayla's dress for play 2016