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The first addition to the Ward Family, Nicole Shannon born April 19 2002 at 1:15am


Hi There !                                               Nicole & Grandma - Ain't She Sweet ! 


Hi, where are we going today?             You've got my right, look out for the left


                                                         Now Girls, please sing along with me


See Grandma, I'm singing too!!                   Come on you guys, deal the cards !!!


You took too long, it's time for a rest                Look, I have an "S"                 This TV Program's great !


           Nicole & Kayla - July 2006                                    December 2006


              Nicole August 2009 - seven (7) & 0ne quarter with Kayla who insists that she is 5 & 3/4



        Flower Girls at Jen & Ailene's Wedding 21/7/12            Nicole's Party Dress



       Just got my Drivers Licence - March 2019    


              School Prom Dress 2020                Nicole - Miss Ontario Canada  2020